Enabling Wellbeing

We believe that people are at their very best when their wellbeing is attended to.  

The traditional reactive methods of handling workplace stress have failed. Now, smart companies are taking a fresh proactive approach. They realise that promoting staff wellbeing can lead to huge improvements in performance and productivity. Our products and services are aimed at these forward-thinking organisations that value their staff, take their wellbeing seriously and understand the performance benefits that can result.

With a focus on developing the best in human performance, Paveway uniquely splices the latest in software development with depth psychology to deliver powerful metrics and complementary follow-on coaching tools for use by coaches, consultants and organizations seeking the best for their clients and employees.

The Paveway System integrates the measurement of wellbeing with practical coaching solutions. The Performance Development Indicator (PDI) measures individual wellbeing in small businesses and group wellbeing across large populations in multi-national organizations. Where needed, the P3 Mirror coaching system can also provide the coaching solution to improve employees' wellbeing and performance.

Whether you are a micro business, SME or a large organization our tiered services are structured to meet your precise needs. 

PDI overview graphic

Performance Development Indicator (PDI)

Measuring Wellbeing in the Workplace

The PDI is a powerful application that measures wellbeing in the workplace. Why is this important? In an era of austerity and fiscal constraint, attending to the wellbeing of employees is fast becoming a low cost, high return solution to maintaining, if not enhancing, corporate performance and productivity.

Based on well-founded academic and scientific principles the PDI is used for Group and Individual Wellbeing Assessments alike, providing leaders and managers with the means to rapidly identify areas of their organizations where performance can be developed and enhanced.

"It is a powerful tool for identifying possible causes of stress that had either directly lead to stress-related symptoms, and/or which could foreseeably cause the employee to suffer ill health. The process enabled the line managers not only to meaningfully carry out mental health risk assessments but to also be proactive in encouraging mental wellbeing generally."  

Sophie Ray, Director of Workforce, Gwalia Group Limited.

P3 overview graphic

The P3 Mirror Coaching System

Performance & Potential Profiles that complement the PDI

Where the PDI measures and identifies levels of wellbeing in employees across organizations, the P3 Mirrors provide the follow-on coaching solution to issues of stress, wellbeing and increased performance.

Healthy people and high-performing groups tend to have their needs met and balanced across key areas of personal and working life.

P3 Mirrors are profound coaching tools that analyse performance and identify potential and capacity for change by reflecting balances and imbalances across 8 key areas of personal life and 12 key areas of working life that meet our needs as individuals, groups and organizations.

"The P3 Mirror for Life is a quantum leap up from the previous wheel of life used in coaching...my clients love it."

Felix Economakis.  Chartered Psychologist & Coach, Director of Treatments For The Mind, presenter of BBC's Panic Room and author of Take Charge of Your Life With NLP.